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  • “Peter Stark speaks from a place of candid reality. Based on real world experience, Peter understands the obstacles leaders push up against, and offers real help in reaching the other side. His message is practical, and implementable. Perhaps most importantly, it helps emboldens leaders to lean into the challenge, and take the next step on the journey.”

    National Sales Trainer, Watkins Manufacturing

  • “Over the course of two days, you inspired, motivated, and enlightened over 150 managers of this company. Your presentation elicited unparalleled feedback and enthusiasm.”

    Director of HR, Cubic Corporation

  • “We’d like to thank you for the wonderful two day program. As you know, New Yorkers are not easy to impress and we were unsure how this program would be received (never having done anything like this before.) This was such an overwhelming success, we’re looking forward to having you come back.”

    Office Administrator, Gibson, Dunn & Crutcher LLP

  • “Thank you for the excellent workshop here in Vegas the other day and your peer evaluation information. I found the information and process highly valuable. I also want to thank you for The Competent Leader book.”

    Senior Vice President of Risk Oversight, Nevada State Bank

  • “I am sitting in the event ops training right now and this is great! Our employees are so into this and Peter is doing an absolutely outstanding job!! I will be walking around to see other groups but I just had to share because this is really exciting to watch.”

    Human Resources Manager, The Boston Red Sox

  • “Wow! What a great day Thank you for helping us realize our potential as a team.”

    Superintendent, Poway Unified School District

  • “Peter, I already see your training paying off. I am negotiating for a change in services and employed some of the techniques learned. Already got the price reduced by 10k per month. And I am not finished!”

    SVP Operations, USE Credit Union

  • “I just wanted to share that I’ve heard nothing but great feedback. The team was very appreciative of the program and found value in it. I’m glad we were able to bring you in and I hope we can continue to partner in the future.”

    SR. Human Resources Business Partner, Blackboard Connect

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When Likability becomes a Liability

A desire to be liked and accepted is deeply ingrained in just about everyone. It is a human trait that often drives the actions and decisions people make on a daily basis. In leadership, this innate driver is a problem. Some leaders’ desire to be liked is strong...

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Is Your Leadership Fostering Loyalty?

No one would argue that loyalty, like trust, are essential elements to leadership. But, loyalty, and trust, are a lot like motivation in a way. You can’t make someone trust you or be loyal to you, nor can you motivate someone. These elements are internally generated...

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Could one leader be costing you thousands of dollars?

It only takes one ineffective leader to lower productivity and increase turnover in your organization and these two problems can cost you thousands of dollars if left unchecked. But there is hope! Many leaders are unaware of the negative impact they are having on the...

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Think Twice Before You Hit Send

Are you sure you want to send that email? Take a second and think twice before you hit the send button on that email or text that should have stayed in your drafts folder. Each year, we have the privilege of coaching managers who have sent an email that, to put it...

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We Climb and Win as a Team…Period!

Every organizational leader can take a few lessons on building a high-performance team from the sport of mountain climbing; where they realize teamwork can mean the difference between life and death. On May 26, 2006, Lincoln Hall, an Australian mountaineer who had...

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