7 Ways Your Employee Engagement Survey Can Help You Win the War for Top Talent (or Not) – Part 2

In last week’s blog, we addressed 7 reasons your Employee Engagement and Opinion Surveys can be a waste of time and fail to bring about positive changes in your organizational culture and help you win the war for top talent. This week, we bring you 7 actions you can take to make the most of the insight you gain from...

7 Ways Your Employee Engagement Survey can Help You Win the War for Top Talent (or Not)

As we move into the first quarter of 2019, the war for your top talent is well underway. Unemployment is below 5 percent. Employees have more options for who they want to work for, when they want to do the work, where they want to do the work and how they do their work than any time in history. The...

10 New Year’s Resolutions to Up Your Leadership Game in 2019

As we embark on a new year, most leaders are busy thinking about organizational goals; but does your list include leadership goals? Our goal at Peter Barron Stark Companies is to help you up your game as a leader in 2019. We encourage you to be intentional about adding the following leadership resolutions to your list to maximize your leadership...

Collaboration Is King When it Comes to Innovation and Success

Innovation will be more vital in 2019 than ever before and leading organizations know the key to maximizing innovation is the ability to build a culture of collaboration. The ultimate goal of collaboration is to think with one mind and act accordingly. Without good multidisciplinary communication and teamwork, individuals are left to deal with insufficient information and organizations are doomed...

When Your Need For Perfection Takes You Down!

Are you a perfectionist? Most people look at perfection as the height of performance. In sports, we talk about the perfect pass or the perfect shot. In sales, we talk about presenting the perfect proposal and delivering the perfect solution to the customer. What could be better than perfect? In our career as executive advisors, we have had the opportunity...

When Leaders Play Office Politics…They are Playing with Fire!

Our nation has become increasingly political (and polarized) in recent years, not surprisingly, setting a tone for organizations that could take us where we may not, or should not, want to go. Building relationships that advance your company’s strategic vision and goals is positive and necessary; but, what happens when relationships are built to advance personal agendas or positions at...

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