Executive Team Building And Development Program

Executive Team Development

Successful organizations place a high value on teamwork. Inside every winning organization is a high performing senior management team. Designed specifically for executives, this team building program focuses on identifying each executive’s strengths and opportunities for improvement as well as optimizing senior management leadership and teamwork.

Like our other programs, the Executive Team Development program is customized to fit the organization and its current needs. Typically, a senior team building consultant from Peter Barron Stark Companies conducts one-on-one interviews with all executives to determine the leadership skills and behaviors that are required to be successful. Then the consultant will customize the Leadership Development Assessment for the organization’s executives. After Leadership Development Assessments have been completed for each member of the executive team, consultants will work with each leader to develop an action plan detailing steps that will help each leader focus on business outcomes and build even stronger relationships with each other, employees, and customers.


  • Provide each executive with a thorough understanding of their strengths, areas of concern, and actions for improvement
  • Build greater awareness of the executive’s temperament and style, and how they can borrow from different styles to be an even stronger leader
  • Improve coaching skills, ensuring that each leader has the ability to coach effectively, holding individual team members accountable for positive outcomes
  • Train leaders to be empowered, accepting personal responsibility for outcomes within their area of influence and expertise
  • Build even stronger teamwork and communication between different levels of management
  • Develop skills and behaviors that are directed toward building strong relationships with key stakeholders and achieving the results that the organization has outlined
  • Develop the ability to effectively communicate with team members and internal customers
  • Train leaders to hold themselves accountable as role models in leading organizational change
  • Raise awareness and commitment to stronger cross-departmental/branch teamwork

In addition to the team assessment, access to our website, The Manager’s Toolkit, will also help each executive create a roadmap for success. On this site, executives can read through topics containing hundreds of recommendations, suggested actions, relevant blog entries, book sections, videos and audio. The Manager’s Toolkit will assist in the process by providing the executives with additional insight into becoming even stronger leaders.

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The Manager's Toolkit

The Manager's Toolkit is the one stop action planning website for becoming an even stronger, more effective leader. Managers will read recommendations, related articles, suggested actions, and watch informative videos that will guide them through improving their leadership skills.

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