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Leading Others:

Earning Followers with Great Leadership

Leadership is a quality necessary for anyone who has to accomplish objectives with and through people. Simply put, people deserve great leadership. Every organization has people who have the creativity to produce ideas that help the organization succeed in a rapidly changing environment. Some organizations know how to nurture and develop those capacities. The difference between the companies that will be the success stories of the future and those that will struggle in their shadows boils down to the leadership provided by the organization’s management team.

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Building Virtual Leadership

Companies that perpetuate the myth that virtual leadership is business as usual, often encounter serious challenges in team leadership, communication, and conflict resolution. Organizations that are committed to fostering virtual teams, provide the training and support needed to ensure the success of their teams and long distance leaders. This training program provides managers with the tools and skills they need to be effective leaders and coaches to distanced direct reports, some of whom they may have never even met.

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Creating A Compelling, Positive Team Vision:

An organization’s success is a direct result of its positive image of the future. A team vision is compelling; it energizes and inspires people to work toward a common goal.

During this team building session, team members will contribute to the creation or reassessment of a vision statement for your group. Following the development of this statement, team members will develop an action plan that will enable them to turn the vision into a reality.

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Communication Skills:

Relationship Strategies – Dealing with Different Types of People

Integral to the success of building any team or relationship is accepting and understanding the fact that people are different, and therefore need to be treated differently. Senior vice president, manager, supervisor, or employee, the key to building successful relationships depends on an ability to identify the differences in people and then treat them accordingly.

This session will help participants identify different behavioral styles, isolate their own preferred style, and learn how to communicate appropriately with each behavioral pattern. Learning to deal appropriately with different behavioral styles makes it easier to establish trust, credibility, and rapport with a counterpart, resulting in more open, honest and tension-free relationships.

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Effective Organizational Communication

Individuals who are influential within organizations know the importance of strong communication skills. This seminar is designed to teach supervisors and managers practical skills and techniques to make communicating with others more effective. Participants will be involved in activities designed to emphasize the importance of effective organizational communication and will learn how the ability to relate well positively impacts relationships throughout the organization.

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Supervisor Training – Moving from Peer to Supervisor

This seminar is designed to help newly appointed supervisors make the transition into management more successful and less stressful. Participants taking this supervisor training workshop will learn more about their own leadership style, how they communicate, positive characteristics of leaders, and how to give employees constructive feedback regarding their performance. Supervisors will also be briefed on current employment law.

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Leading Change:

Effectively Leading Organizational Change – After A Layoff

This program has been specifically designed for executives, managers, and supervisors of an organization that has recently experienced a layoff. Employees who are spared in the layoff often face rising workloads, lowered morale, and increased anxieties/illnesses. They are left feeling that they should be ‘grateful’ to have a job – organizational psychologists call this “layoff survivor syndrome”.

Participants will learn how to design and successfully implement organizational change strategies while fostering personal motivation and creating a positive and motivating workplace environment for others.

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Surviving and Thriving in Organizational Change – and Learning to Love it!

This program has been specifically designed for leaders who are experiencing rapid organizational change. In the last few years, many organizations have been challenged by downsizing, redesigned systems, and procedures, new management teams, budget cuts, or a refocused corporate culture. People who emerge as leaders are the ones who embrace and master these changes successfully.

This program is designed to help supervisors, managers and employees learn the secrets of thriving during change and ensuring a strong and successful future for your organization.

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Talent Management:

Using Behavior-Based Interviewing to Hire Winners

Behavior-based interviewing enables interviewers to tap into a candidate’s past experiences to learn about an interviewee’s actual knowledge, skills, and abilities as demonstrated in previous positions, rather than being told what the interviewee thinks the person wants to hear. Behavior-based interviewing will give interviewers an edge in selecting the person who will make the most successful contribution to your organization.

This training program is designed to help participants gain the skills needed to prepare for and conduct behavior-based interviews and to hire the best-qualified person for the position. Skills will be developed in the following areas: identifying job skills and competencies; advance preparation for the interview; conducting the interview, and selecting the right candidate.

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Successfully Managing Difficult Conversations

Leaders are often challenged with the task of dealing with situations that they may find difficult to discuss. These are the types of difficult conversations that can keep leaders up the night before and set their pulse racing just thinking about it. For many, procrastination becomes the preferred strategy of choice.

Successfully Managing Difficult Conversations will help your leaders successfully prepare, deliver and facilitate crucial conversations by establishing the purpose, determining different ways to open the conversation, and developing strategies to effectively accomplish goals. Participants will realize the impact that their emotions have on the outcome and understand how to align their attitudes and emotions in a positive way in order to develop a powerful strategy for success.

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Recognizing and Rewarding Employee Performance

We are all motivated by something. Whatever we do, we are motivated by either a fear or a reward. Employees who are judged as unmotivated or unproductive, are unmotivated or unproductive in the sense that what they are doing does not contribute to what the supervisor or manager feels will meet the team’s needs or those of the organization.

This program is designed for supervisors and managers who want to create an environment where employees are motivated to achieve their own goals, as well as organizational goals.

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Conducting Valuable Performance Appraisals

Today’s successful managers and supervisors know that performance appraisals, when used effectively, are valuable tools that can be applied, not only for salary review purposes but to help employees improve their performance and receive greater satisfaction from their job.

Participants will examine the performance review cycle; discover the value of involving the employee in the review process; recognize the importance of prior planning before conducting the performance review interview; acquire skills to deliver effective feedback, and learn how to develop a plan of action designed to improve employee performance.

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Coaching Employees to Improve Performance

To be a successful leader in today’s environment, the role of a manager becomes that of a coach, counselor, facilitator, and mentor in guiding and developing employees. Some employees desire to learn and grow. They recognize the need to change and will quickly adapt to the feedback of a supervisor or manager. Other employees are not easily coached to successfully perform in today’s environment.

This workshop will provide ideas and techniques for creating a motivating environment that brings out the best in employees, and helps build a winning team. Emphasis will be placed on effectively dealing with the most challenging employees, enabling them to learn and change behaviors that do not contribute to the organization’s success.

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Setting High-Performance Goals

Research has demonstrated time and time again that successful people and organizations are goal-directed. Whether you want to solve a problem, motivate the team, meet and exceed sales goals, obtain a promotion, become more physically fit, or spend more time with your family, the key to your success, and the success of your organization starts with goal setting. This session will address how to align individual goals with organizational goals, strategies for setting specific and measurable goals, and methods to help employees focus their high-performance goals on results rather than activities.

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Team Building:

Building a High-Performance Team

Successful organizations place a high value on teamwork. Inside every winning organization, there is a high-performing team. Designed specifically for managers and supervisors, or anyone who is responsible for building a team, this session focuses on identifying the benefits of functioning as a high-performance team. Individuals will participate in a team building activity designed to replicate typical work-related team behaviors. Emphasis will be placed on creating an accepting environment in which participants have the opportunity to strengthen relationships and commitment.

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Conducting Productive & Effective Meetings:

When asked to list typical time wasters at work, employees and managers often put meetings at the top of their list. Poorly planned and conducted meetings can rob an organization of valuable productivity and leave meeting attendees feeling frustrated. Facilitating effective meetings requires preparation, skill, focus, and practice.

This workshop is designed to help supervisors, managers, team leaders, and employees conduct effective meetings that are well-organized, time-efficient and productive. Participants will gain confidence in leading groups to consensus and dealing with difficult behaviors sometimes exhibited by individuals at meetings. Skills gained will enhance participants’ confidence in their role as a meeting leader, contribute favorably to overall organizational goals and outcomes, and earn the leader respect as an effective meeting facilitator.

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Conflict Resolution Skills Training:

In every organization and relationship, there is potential for conflict. Conflict can be a very healthy, positive part of the organization…or it can be stressful and damaging. When handled constructively, conflict can lead to increased learning, greater productivity, and enhanced working relationships. Specifically, effective conflict resolution will result in more efficient meetings, competent decision making, and heightened service to both internal and external customers.

Conflict refers not just to major confrontations, but to things as simple as diverse ways of thinking, different approaches to work, and dissimilar needs and desires. This program teaches participants how to effectively address differences of opinion to avoid escalated conflict. Utilizing case studies and role play, participants will also learn conflict resolution skills to assess conflict situations when it occurs, and handle it in a manner that is healthy, positive, and productive.

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Sharpen Your Negotiation Skills Training:

Your managers and employees are out there negotiating for your organization on a daily basis. We understand that you need your employees to be equipped with the best negotiation skills to, not only increase profits and lower expenses but to build life-long relationships with your clients and customers.

This negotiation program is specifically designed for any business professional who is responsible for successfully negotiating outcomes for their organization. The goal of this program is to provide participants with the skills and tools to maximize their negotiated outcomes and build life-long relationships where both counterparts feel their needs and goals have been met.

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Time Management Training:

In today’s competitive world, time management is an indispensable skill. Organizations have had to manage their time more effectively in order to meet the challenge of increased customer expectations. This practical seminar is designed to help employees at all levels of the organization make the best possible use of their time, focusing not only on efficiency but on effectiveness — doing what is most important or meaningful. From administrative staff to the president of the organization, this time management training will help participants develop powerful strategies that will provide a distinct advantage over those who have not yet learned to manage their time effectively.

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Presentation Skills Training:

Delivering Powerful Presentations

Presentations that are well prepared and expertly delivered give your audience just what they want – information, inspiration, and the opportunity to applaud. So why is speaking before a group the number one fear of people in our society? Through the use of a few simple techniques, participants can take their presentations to new and greater heights. Whether their objective is to inspire, inform, educate, or entertain their audience, this seminar will give participants the knowledge they need to deliver memorable, confident, credible, powerful presentations.

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Advanced Presentation Skills

Professional speakers know that the difference between a good speaker and a great speaker is only… about 1,000 speeches! This is the course for those speakers who are ready to take the next step in bridging the gap between good and great.

Participants will receive advanced presentation skills training in the area of crafting and delivering a memorable presentation. Emphasis will be placed on using openings that immediately “grab” the audience, the use of humor, stories, and examples to inform and persuade others, and the critical need of a powerful close.

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Technical Information Presentation Skills Training

Technical speakers are typically subject matter experts but are sometimes challenged with sharing their expertise with others who lack the same technical savvy. Whether an individual is tasked with sharing information with senior level leaders (who just want the condensed version of how you will solve their problem) or employees (who have serious doubts about how your information will benefit them), this technical presentation skills training is for them.

Participants will receive training in the area of crafting and delivering a memorable technical presentation. Emphasis will be on presenting technical information that is clear, succinct, educational, and a good match for the audience.

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Train the Trainer

This program is designed to provide trainers or business professionals with the skills they need to effectively deliver customized training with confidence, credibility and positive learner outcomes. Attendees will learn a variety of techniques and approaches designed to maximize the student’s learning and retention.

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Customized Training:

Didn’t see the training course you were looking for? Our senior consultants and trainers are experts at designing and delivering training programs that are personalized specifically for your organization, industry, team or challenge. Whether you need a six week leadership series or a one day training course, we can deliver a customized course that will meet your specific needs. To find out more about how we can help you with your training needs, contact Peter Barron Stark Companies at 858.451.3601 or email info@peterstark.com.

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