Board Assessments

Board Assessments

Assessing a Board’s effectiveness is an important step in an organization’s success. An effective and strong board is a sign of a strong organization. Evaluating the Board’s performance through a Board Assessment tool is the most effective way to ensure your board members understand their duties, utilize effective good governance practices and contribute to their highest potential. Conducing a Board Assessment will give your directors the information they need to take their performance to the next level.

With a Board Assessment, Peter Barron Stark Companies will help you and your Board members identify not only the strengths and areas in need of improvement for the overall board, but provide each director with a snapshot of their individual strengths and areas of improvement as well.  This information will be used to develop an Action Plan to increase the overall effectiveness of your Board.

A senior consultant from Peter Barron Stark Companies will conduct one-on-one interviews with each board member, the CEO, and a cross-section of the senior management team. Based on the topics raised in the interviews, a customized survey is delivered to each board member for an opportunity to provide anonymous feedback on topics raised. Each board member will be asked for his/her perceptions related to overall effectiveness, communication, teamwork, trust, strategic direction, structure, resources, etc.

The consultant will then present the findings. Recommendations will be provided to address concerns raised in the lower rated areas of the assessment. The assessment and recommendations will provide actions that can be immediately implemented to help build an even more powerful and productive board.

Every organizational board is unique, and we are confident that we can assist your organization in building an even more successful and high-performing board that delivers significant value to the organization.


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