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Surviving and Thriving Change – And Learning to Love It!

In the last few years, many organizations have been challenged by downsizing, reduced benefits, revamped product lines, new market acquisitions, redesigned systems and procedures, mergers or acquisitions, new management teams, budget cuts, or a refocused corporate culture. Some members will merely survive the winds of change often struggling every step of the way. Others will thrive on change, seizing every opportunity to learn, grow, and improve your organization. Peter Stark will share the secrets of thriving during change and how to ensure a strong and successful future for you and your organization. Participants will leave this keynote presentation excited about change and armed with the skills they need to design and successfully implement a change strategy.

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Engaged! How Leaders Build an Organization Where Employees Love Coming to Work

In a tough economy, keeping employees fully engaged is your only hope of survival. You can’t afford to have even one employee performing at less than 100%. So how do you create an engaged workforce, fired up about coming to work and committed to the success of your organization? What do the Best-of-the-Best leaders do differently? Using research from our vast database of over 100,000 employees, we’ll share the secrets of the Best-of-the-Best organizations (top 25%). This program outlines what successful leaders do to engage their employees and earn their respect, commitment and loyalty and create a more streamlined and efficient workplace.

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Relationship Strategies – Building an Even Stronger Team

Accepting and understanding the fact people are different, and therefore need to be treated differently, is integral to the success of building any relationship. Successful leaders understand that the key to building effective relationships depends on their ability to identify the differences in people and then treat them accordingly.

In this keynote presentation, you will identify different behavioral styles, isolate your own preferred leadership style, and learn how to communicate most appropriately with each behavioral pattern. When you learn to deal appropriately with different behavioral styles, you will find it easier to establish trust, credibility, and rapport with your counterpart. As a side benefit, you will also find you have more open, honest and tension-free relationships. This program will help you learn how to maximize your leadership potential and your ability to influence others.

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Customer Service – It’s My Pleasure!

In the last decade customer service has become a top priority for many organizations. Yet, with all this talk about customer service, very few have mastered the art of building customer loyalty. One dramatic change creating this challenge is that customers are raising their demands on what they consider an acceptable level of service. A level of service that was acceptable to a customer three years ago, creates an unhappy customer today. This insightful program allows you to design an effective customer service strategy for your organization that guarantees outstanding customer service and lifelong customer loyalty every time!

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Lifetime Leadership – Leaving a Legacy

We all can think of at least one person in our lives who has had a tremendous impact on us. We would follow that person anywhere they led, with enthusiasm and loyalty. Why? Because a great leader can truly bring out the best in you, and help you accomplish things you never thought were possible. If you desire to be that type of leader, this program is for you! By uncovering the characteristics of great leaders and analyzing your leadership style, you’ll see how you can maximize the impact of your leadership on those who choose to follow you.

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Negotiation Skills – The Art of Getting What You Both Want

Managers, supervisors, and employees frequently face situations requiring negotiation skills. Interacting with clients; agreeing on appropriate schedules and deadlines for projects; solving problems with clients; obtaining organizational resources; setting the salaries of subordinates; acquiring more staff for your department; and maintaining high customer service standards with your staff are just a few of the many situations that necessitate high-level negotiation skills. Utilizing effective negotiation skills is the only realistic approach to successfully meet the challenges of today’s rapidly changing environment. In this keynote, participants will learn successful negotiation techniques and strategies to effectively negotiate typical situations encountered by managers, supervisors, and employees.

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