Employee Training


Surviving and Thriving During Times of Change

Each member of your team is affected by the accelerated pace of change that has taken place over the last decade. Some members will merely survive the winds of change, often struggling every step of the way. Others will thrive on change, seizing every opportunity to learn, grow and improve your organization. This employee training program is designed to help employees learn the secrets of thriving during change and ensuring a strong and successful future for your organization.

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Effective Communication

To be influential within an organization, strong effective communication skills are required. This seminar is designed to give employees practical skills and techniques to make communicating with others more effective. Participants will be involved in activities designed to increase awareness as to the importance of effective communication, and will learn how the ability to relate well positively impacts relationships throughout the organization.

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Workplace Relationship Strategies – Dealing with Different Types of People

Integral to the success of building any team or relationship is accepting and understanding the fact that people are different, and therefore need to be treated differently. The key to building successful workplace relationships depends on an ability to identify the differences in people and then treat them accordingly.

This session will help participants identify different behavioral styles, isolate their own preferred style, and learn how to communicate appropriately with each behavioral pattern. Learning to deal appropriately with different behavioral styles makes it easier to establish trust, credibility, and rapport with a counterpart, resulting in more open, honest and tension-free relationships.

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Dealing With Difficult or Angry Customers

When customers, clients or guests are angry or frustrated, they tend to vent their anger and frustration towards whomever they are currently speaking to, employee or manager. Unfortunately, customers are far more likely to share or report negative customer service experiences rather than positive ones. This program is designed to give managers, supervisors, and employees the behavioral skills and tools they will need to handle the angry or difficult customers or guests with confidence and competence.

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Serving Different Types of Customers

Accepting and understanding the fact that people are different, and therefore need to be treated differently, is integral to the success of building any relationship. Regardless of title, the key to building successful relationships with customers depends on the employee’s ability to identify the differences in people and then treat them accordingly. This program will help participants identify different behavioral styles in customers, isolate their own preferred style, and learn how to communicate appropriately with each customer’s behavioral pattern.

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Improving Internal Customer Service

Most employees understand the importance of providing great external customer service, however, few understand the necessity for providing quality internal customer service. Without each employee treating others within the organization with the same care and respect as they would show a customer, it is impossible to maintain a high level of external service. In order to achieve levels of service that create loyalty among customers, a high level of service and support must exist inside the organization. This program focuses on building the necessary skills to provide extraordinary internal customer service.

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Extraordinary Customer Service Training

Before even beginning their interaction with your business or organization, many customers will have already researched your product or service online and read online reviews and experiences from your current or past customers. This change in the way customers approach businesses could mean a serious financial loss for the organizations whose customer service representatives do not know how to treat customers, and a tremendous gain to those who do. Because customer service is one of today’s most important business assets, this customer service training session is for anyone who has, or is responsible for, internal or external customer contact.

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Increasing Fan Loyalty for Professional Sports Teams

Since your customers have so many options for spending their entertainment dollars, it is imperative that they have a wonderful experience every time they interact with one of your ticket agents or vendors at your venue. We can create and deliver a customer service training program guaranteed to position your employees to delight your fans, creating a strong relationship to guarantee their repeat business.

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Customer/Patient Service Training – Medical Professionals

Patients and customers rely on quality service, organizations strive for it . . . why can’t you make it happen consistently? Our customer service training program for medical professionals goes way beyond creating satisfied customers and focuses on building a relationship between the medical professional and the customer, resulting in loyalty. The only individuals in your organization that can make this happen are those on your customer service team: each and every employee within your health care organization. This program focuses on giving front line customer service representatives the skills they need to handle each interaction with patients confidently and positively, leading to increased loyalty.

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Customer Service Training – Education Professionals

Today it seems that everyone knows the business of education better than the professionals do, and they are not shy about sharing their expertise. When upset, it is not unusual for customers to vent their frustration and anger toward the school secretary, bus driver, teacher, principal or other staff members on the school site. This customer service training program for education professionals is designed to give educators and school support personnel the behavioral skills and tools they need to consistently provide high levels of service, as well as the confidence to effectively deal with difficult people, whether they are on staff, a parent or a community member.

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Building Client Loyalty – Legal Professionals

When working with clients at your law firm, associates are not just providing a service, they are building a relationship. The relationship between your clients and your legal professionals should be long lasting and should inspire your clients to refer their friends and family. Unfortunately, the poor customer service skills of a legal professional at any level of your law firm can hinder this. This customer service training program will provide your legal professionals with the tools they need to cultivate client loyalty and build your law firm’s reputation.

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Customer Service Training – Technical Support Professionals

Great customer service is necessary for business survival today, especially in technical support situations where customers may already have experienced stress before calling for support. The experience your customers have with technical support professionals will be a deciding factor in whether or not they do repeat business with your organization. Our technical support customer service program for those providing phone and email support in a highly technical field goes way beyond creating a satisfied customer and focuses on building a loyal customer.

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Negotiation and Persuasion Training

Your employees are out there negotiating for your organization on a daily basis. We understand that you need your employees to be equipped with the best negotiation and persuasion skills to, not only increase profits and lower expenses, but to build life-long relationships with your clients and customers.

This negotiation and persuasion training program is specifically designed for any business professional who is responsible for successfully negotiating outcomes for their organization. The goal of this program is to provide participants with the skills and tools to maximize their negotiated outcomes and build life-long relationships where both counterparts feel their needs and goals have been met.

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Time Management Training

In today’s competitive world, time management is an indispensable skill. Organizations have had to manage their time more effectively in order to meet the challenge of increased customer expectations and a downsized workforce. This practical seminar is designed to help personnel at all levels of the organization make the best possible use of their time, focusing not only on efficiency, but on effectiveness — doing what is most important or meaningful. This seminar will help participants develop powerful strategies that will provide a distinct advantage over those who have not yet learned to manage their time effectively.

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Delivering Powerful Presentations

Presentations that are well prepared and expertly delivered give your audience just what they want – information, inspiration, and the opportunity to applaud. So why is speaking before a group the number one fear of people in our society? Through the use of a few simple techniques, participants can take their presentations to new and greater heights. Whether their objective is to inspire, inform, educate, or entertain their audience, this seminar will give participants the knowledge they need to deliver memorable, confident, credible, powerful presentations.

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Advanced Presentation Skills

Professional speakers know that the difference between a good speaker and a great speaker is only… about 1,000 speeches! This is the course for those speakers who are ready to take the next step in bridging the gap between good and great.

Participants will receive advanced presentation skills training in the area of crafting and delivering a memorable presentation. Emphasis will be placed on using openings that immediately “grab” the audience, the use of humor, stories and examples to inform and persuade others, and the critical need of a powerful close.

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Persuasive Presentation Skills Training

Presenting ideas persuasively, with clarity, focus, and confidence requires an appreciation for your audience and an understanding of their convictions. Through hands-on training, participants will gain the skills necessary to influence, motivate and persuade their audience. Each participant will receive training in the areas of developing a persuasive presentation, communicating to influence others, and assertively delivering a powerful presentation.

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Technical Presentation Skills Training

Technical speakers are typically subject matter experts, but are sometimes challenged with sharing their expertise with others who lack the same technical savvy. Whether an individual is tasked with sharing information with senior level leaders (who just want the condensed version of how you will solve their problem) or employees (who have serious doubts about how your information will benefit them), this program is for them.

Participants will receive training in the area of crafting and delivering a memorable technical presentation. Emphasis will be on presenting technical information that is clear, succinct, educational, and a good match for the audience.

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Didn’t see the training course you were looking for? Our senior consultants and trainers are experts at designing and delivering training programs that are personalized specifically for your organization, industry, team or challenge. Whether you need a six week leadership series or a one day training course, we can deliver a customized course that will meet your specific needs. To find out more about how we can help you with your training needs, contact us by phone at: 858.451.3601 or email at: info@peterstark.com.


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