Strategic Planning

Strategic Planning

In today’s fast paced environment, many organizations find it difficult to set time aside for tackling important strategic issues. Our corporate strategic planning program was developed to provide organizations with the ideas and tools necessary to create an action plan that will turn their vision into a reality.

Whether your goal is to develop or clarify a vision, strengthen a strategic plan, or set goals and standards, the strategic planning consultants at Peter Barron Stark Companies will design and facilitate a session that meets your unique goals and objectives, while exceeding your expectations. Prior to the meeting/retreat, a consultant from Peter Barron Stark Companies will interview a cross-section of the management team, employees, and if applicable, the board members. This will provide the consultant with a solid understanding of the organization, and the goals for the meeting, as well as the needs and goals of the individual participants. A secondary purpose is to help clarify and crystallize topics and the timing of the agenda.

Peter Barron Stark Companies facilitators will prepare a comprehensive meeting agenda that will help participants stay attentive to the current topic of discussion. Our facilitators excel at keeping the discussion focused and moving unrelated topics to a “parking lot” for later discussion. At each major point of the meeting, the facilitator will strive to create an action plan that defines what will be done, when the item will be completed, and who will be responsible for the result.

Following the meeting, the facilitator will provide a summary of the discussion, complete with action items that were agreed upon. This follow-up process helps the leader to ensure accountability and achieve the desired results.

Key Benefits:

  • Builds buy-in to the planning process by all members of the management team
  • Leadership team cohesiveness is enhanced
  • Retreat goals are clearly defined
  • A comprehensive agenda is developed
  • Agreement on the organization’s mission and vision
  • Corporate strategic planning tools, processes and “how-to’” are presented and agreed upon by the group
  • All plans and goals meet the SMART test (Specific, Measurable, Attainable, Realistic, and Timely)
  • Professional facilitation ensures focus on results
  • Follow-up action plans provided to retreat participants increase the likelihood that ideas will be implemented

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