9 Ways to Handle Challenging Co-Workers

It’s a basic fact of employment… you can choose your friends, but not your co-workers. If you’ve worked for any length of time, you’ve probably come to realize these two simple premises about workplace relationships: Some people are a whole lot easier to get along with than others Sometimes you have to work with people that you just can’t stand...

What Employees Need to Shine

What is a distinguishing characteristic of a great leader? Great leaders make sure that team members have the tools and skills necessary to get their jobs done. Being a phenomenal leader is a lot easier when you’ve got great team members. An exemplary employee is one who communicates their goals and what they need from the leader to maximize their...

Employees and Decision Making

Why the Benefits of Empowering Employees Through Decision Making Outweigh the Risks We have worked with many managers who have created great organizations. They are strong, technically. They make the right decisions. They produce great outcomes. But, when we interview their employees, we find out that people are not happy, even though they work for a successful organization that has...

Employees and Social Media

Navigating the Slippery Slope of Employees Using Social Media at Work and at Home Without a doubt, the internet is the greatest technological innovation of the 20th century. It is an extraordinary tool, helping us find answers in a keystroke or two, increasing our efficiencies and productivity, and of course, connecting us to the world and potential markets. Despite all...

6 Negotiation Lessons from Pawn Stars

For informal negotiation training, most people would not think about watching a reality show. But, right there on the History Channel is a television show that is one of the best at demonstrating what it takes to become a great negotiator: Pawn Stars. By showcasing the daily interactions between the pawn store employees (Pawn Stars) and customers, Pawn Stars can...

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