Negotiation Training for Attorneys

This powerful seminar focuses on the negotiation and communication skills necessary to achieve success. Maximizing effective negotiation skills is the only realistic approach to successfully meeting the challenges of today’s rapidly changing environment.

Program Goal

To provide attorneys with the hands-on skills necessary to maximize their negotiated outcomes, and build life-long relationships where both counterparts feel their needs and goals have been met.

Key Topics:

  • What makes a successful negotiator
  • How to effectively prepare for a negotiation
  • Behavioral tools, strategies and tactics needed to create a win-win outcome
  • What is negotiation?
  • Negotiation’s four possible outcomes
  • The Three Critical Elements: Time, Information and Power
  • Questioning skills, how to uncover your counterpart’s needs
  • Nonverbal Behavior: The Language of Negotiating
  • Building Trust in Negotiation
  • Sharks, Carp and Dolphins: Your Negotiating Counterparts
  • The Role of Negotiating Styles
  • Preparing to Negotiate
  • Tactics for Successful Negotiation

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