Surviving and Thriving in Change

Surviving and Thriving in Organizational Change… And Learning to Love it!

In the last few years, many organizations have been challenged by downsizing, revamped product lines, new market acquisitions, redesigned systems and procedures, mergers or acquisitions, new management teams, budget cuts, or a refocused corporate culture. The organizations that emerge as leaders are the ones with a team who embrace and master these changes successfully.

Everyone is affected by the accelerated pace of change that has taken place over the last decade. Some people will merely survive the winds of change, often struggling every step of the way. Others will thrive on change, seizing every opportunity to learn, grow and improve their lives. This program is designed to help supervisors, managers and employees learn the secrets of thriving during change and ensuring a strong and successful future for your organization.

We typically begin our training programs with a thorough assessment developed through interviews with managers, supervisors, and employees. This helps us gain an inside look at the opportunities and challenges your organization faces. We then process that information to develop a customized program tailored to meet your needs. Our experienced trainers spend as much time researching your organization and tailoring the program to your specific needs as they do presenting the course.

Surviving & Thriving in Organizational Change Key Topics:

  • Dealing with personal and organizational change
  • Why people resist change
  • Typical responses to change
  • What shapes our views toward change?
  • Overcoming the stress and anxiety of change
  • Language reflects our approach to change
  • The role of personal empowerment in the change process
  • Aim frame or blame frame…where do I/we go from here?
  • Change starts from the inside out…five keys for dealing with personal and organizational change

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