Engaged! How Leaders Build an Organization Where Employees Love to Come to Work

Engaged! How Leaders Build an Organization Where Employees Love to Come to Work

Employee engagement is on the mind of every leader today. In this challenging business climate, employees are being tasked with doing more with less, in an uncertain economy where nothing is guaranteed. Faced with increased workloads and demands to improve quality, service and outcomes, some of your employees have become disengaged and are just hanging on, waiting for the demands to decrease or the pace of change to slow down. It’s estimated that actively disengaged employees cost the American economy at least $350 billion per year.

In a challenging economy, keeping employees fully engaged is your only hope of survival. You can’t afford to have even one employee performing at less than 100%. So how do you create an engaged workforce, fired up about coming to work and committed to the success of your organization? What do the Best-of-the-Best leaders do differently? Using research from our vast database of over 100,000 employees, we’ll share the secrets of the Best-of-the-Best organizations (top 25%). This program outlines what successful leaders do to engage their employees and earn their respect, commitment and loyalty and create a more streamlined and efficient workplace.


  • Creating a vision to maximize the discretionary effort of your employees
  • Developing caring, professional relationships to increase employee loyalty
  • Communicating the “right stuff” at the “right time”
  • Building an environment where continuous improvement and innovation are expected and rewarded
  • How to turn a “problem attitude” into a “no problem” philosophy
  • Using ongoing feedback to increase accountability
  • Coaching a disengaged employee through the tough times
  • Defining the leader’s role in creating the right culture

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