Building a High Performance Team

Building High Performance Teams

Successful organizations place a high value on teamwork. Inside every winning organization there is a high-performing team. Designed specifically for managers and supervisors, or anyone who is responsible for building effective teams, this session focuses on identifying the benefits of functioning as a high performing team and how to build one.

Individuals will participate in a team building activity designed to replicate typical work-related team behaviors. Emphasis will be placed on creating an accepting environment in which participants have the opportunity to strengthen relationships and commitment. Without inferring blame, participants will identify current challenges, analyze the outcome if they continue on the same course, provide suggestions for improvement, and chart a course with a new direction. Throughout the session, participants will engage in activities designed to help establish trust, credibility, and rapport with other members of the team, ultimately leading to greater team cohesiveness, thus building a more effective team. Leaders will leave the session motivated to put into practice what they have learned through their participation in this interactive program.

We begin this training program on how to build high performing teams with a thorough assessment developed through interviews with managers, supervisors, and employees. This helps us gain an inside look at the opportunities and challenges your organization faces. We then process that information to develop a customized program of tools and team building strategies that are tailored to meet your needs. Our experienced trainers spend as much time researching your organization and tailoring the program to your specific needs as they do presenting the course.


Upon completion of this module, managers will be able to:

  • Identify the stages of team development and apply information to their team
  • Determine strategies to enhance team cohesiveness and effectiveness
  • Recognize the five critical factors for team success

Key Topics:

  • Assess participant’s ability in the role of team leader
  • Identify various roles that team members typically play
  • Participate in a competitive, team-building activity
  • Steps to advance the team through the stages, taking them to the next level
  • Assess both strengths and opportunities for participants’ current teams
  • Create and implement an action plan to enhance team’s effectiveness

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