Education Professionals

Negotiation Training for Education Professionals

This program has been specifically designed for any professional in the business of education who is responsible for successfully negotiating outcomes for their school or district.

Program Goal

To provide participants with the skills and tools to maximize their negotiated outcomes and build life-long relationships with customers or clients where all counterparts feel their needs and goals have been met.

Key topics:

  • Characteristics of great negotiators
  • Three critical factors in creating a win-win outcome
  • The four most important behavioral skills
  • Why preparation is the key to success
  • The role of questions in uncovering the implicit and explicit needs of your client
  • Effective listening – demonstrating that you really care about your client
  • Power – ten different types of power to gain or maintain leverage in negotiations
  • Trust – how to effectively build trust with your counterpart
  • Nonverbal communication – why it makes the sale
  • 40 customized tactics to help educators negotiate viable budgets, and work successfully with unions, teachers, parents, and students
  • How to effectively counter the most common strategies used against educators
  • The best way to deal with a “shark” and other unethical negotiators
  • Three customized case studies allowing you to put into practice what you’ve learned

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