• “Monday night’s supervisor training was honestly the most practical and applicable professional development that I have been part of – not only as a Red Sox employee, but also in my full time job as a teacher. In the past, we’ve received an even more in-depth customer service training as our supervisor session, which is helpful, but Monday’s shift in looking at how to be effective leaders gave me a truly renewed energy and sense of purpose in my specific role for the Sox. I left Monday with not only a lot to think about, but tangible ways to try out many of the ideas with my coworkers and our staff in the coming weeks. I really appreciated that I was able to gain so much from you.”

    - Supervisor, The Boston Red Sox

  • “Your program was very well received among the 69 participants. On our IMS scale of 1 to 7 with 5, 6 and 7 being ‘Excellent’, the session received a 6.4 for ‘Effectiveness of the Speaker’ and 6.1 for ‘Value of the Content.’ No one rated the workshop’s level as ‘Too Low’ or the pace as ‘Too Slow.’ To put these numbers into perspective, since we launched the Cleveland Chapter in 2004, attendees have scored our sessions at 6.0 for ‘Effectiveness of the Speaker’ and 5.7 for ‘Value of the Content. Participants especially valued learning about negotiation styles, how to prepare for negotiation and the 20 tactics for success. A number of attendees liked the real-life examples.”

    - Chair, Institute for Management Studies, Cleveland

  • “You have a wonderful ability to attract interest in the material from the beginning to the end of the day…and we especially appreciated the work sessions that were specific to ADP’s business. Thank you for the flexibility to modify your class so that these skills became even more applicable to us.”

    - VP Agency Relations, ADP

  • “When I first met you, you told me that you could condition even the largest offenders of customer service protocol and I figured that certain departments would fall into place, but never did I think that our events security group would ever come around. You did it! When it comes to Customer Service and Fan Loyalty Programs, there’s no doubt the first call should be to you!”

    - VP Marketing & Special Events, New England Patriots

  • “I can say with confidence, that everyone in the room learned a great deal during our time with Peter; he’s got a great style, the material made us think, was fast-paced and engaging, and best of all … was delivered with a lot of great humor.”

    - Operations Supervisor, Smoothie King

  • “Great job yesterday – as usual! The fabulous part is that ‘others ‘– and the high up ones – and not just me as I am biased – think so too! I also think you ‘won over’ some of the tougher skeptics in the group and made the topic and the challenges connected with our results seem attainable/actionable for them. Soooo good!”

    - Vice President Human Resources, ST. JOHN Knits, Inc.

  • “*A* has responded very positively and comments quite often on how the executive has applied what you’ve taught. As I described to my other colleague yesterday, A’s personality hasn’t changed, they remain a hard charger in everything. The skills you taught A are doing a great deal to focus that energy in a much more positive way. I would call this effort a great success. Thank you for supporting A.”

    - VP of Credit Risk, Columbia Credit Union

  • “Thank you again for a wonderful session this week! Your skilled facilitation enables our team’s best performance to emerge, with efficiency and engagement by all. We appreciate what you do for us!”

    - Vice President, Business Analyst, California Bank & Trust

  • “I just wanted to make sure that you and your staff know how much I appreciate the work that was done to help PRECorp implement a new performance review process. The many hours spent, not only by you, Peter, but the behind the scenes effort by Dusty, Marilyn, and others I am not aware of, I believe will have a lasting impact on the employees of PRECorp and the members we serve. The sincerity of your effort and the enthusiasm you exhibit for your work is contagious.”

    - VP of Human Resources, Powder River Energy Corporation

  • “Thank you so much for giving us a fantastic keynote presentation at our Spirit Convention. Our employees are still buzzing about your message. Your knowledge and understanding of our organization really showed – your message was right on target!”

    - President and CEO, San Diego Convention Center

  • “Peter was our most beloved speaker. I was sitting in the rear of the room during his opening session on leadership. I watched the whole audience shift forward in their seats and I knew that he had captured their attention. Years ago, he had the same impact on me.”

    - Legal Administrator, Western Growers Association

  • “We have received numerous positive comments regarding your presentation. You have a wonderful ability to interject humor, keep the group motivated and the fast, energetic pace kept everyone on the edge of their seats the whole day!”

    - VP Team Kroger, Campbell’s

  • “Feedback was all very positive. You were both an engaging speaker and an effective educator. Clearly, there were lessons we learned that will help us build better, stronger relationships across all levels of our team. So, thank you again.”

    - Area Pharmacy Director, Kaiser Permanente

  • “Our thanks to you, for your insight and direction about how we might use the information in recruiting. We especially appreciated your energetic, open, humorous, and relevant presentation.”

    - Executive Consultant, Kaiser Permanente

  • “Last week I went to a training session by Peter Stark for the County of San Diego. I wanted to take the time and thank Mr. Stark for the wonderful presentation. I appreciated the opportunity to learn something new and fun in a creative way. There have been times that I have struggled with others’ personalities. I don’t know if the approaches Mr. Stark presented will solve all of my concerns, but I definitely think they will give me a platform to start thinking. I also appreciated the book Mr. Stark gave me, I will definitely be giving it a read. The job I do is very challenging, I expect it to be that way. However, I never thought or expected workplace challenges with personalities. After all that is nothing they teach in a college classroom. “

    - Employee, County of San Diego

  • “Peter got an understanding of Kaiser first and brought that in so the examples really were appropriate.”

    - Employee, Kaiser Permanente

  • “Peter’s training session showed me what my conflict pattern is and how I can best use it. The personal stories were great to keep things interesting.”

    - Employee, Pacific Marine Credit Union

  • “Jane did an excellent job (on Presenting to Influence) and received many positive reviews. I look forward to working with you again.”

    - VP of Audit Services, Sempra Energy

  • “Jane and Peter – I just wanted to thank you for an outstanding retreat this week. I have heard nothing but positive comments and everyone is looking forward to Part 2. You both did an EXCELLENT job!”

    - Executive Director, Access Services

  • “I heard nothing but raves! Everyone seemed to like the content and delivery and were impressed we had such local talent! Personally, I too picked up a few key things I will implement immediately as well!”

    - Administrator, Western Cancer Society

  • “I just wanted to share that I’ve heard nothing but great feedback. The team was very appreciative of the program and found value in it. I’m glad we were able to bring you in and I hope we can continue to partner in the future.”

    - SR. Human Resources Business Partner, Blackboard Connect

  • “Peter, I already see your training paying off. I am negotiating for a change in services and employed some of the techniques learned. Already got the price reduced by 10k per month. And I am not finished!”

    - SVP Operations, USE Credit Union

  • “Wow! What a great day Thank you for helping us realize our potential as a team.”

    - Superintendent, Poway Unified School District

  • “I am sitting in the event ops training right now and this is great! Our employees are so into this and Peter is doing an absolutely outstanding job!! I will be walking around to see other groups but I just had to share because this is really exciting to watch.”

    - Human Resources Manager, The Boston Red Sox

  • “Thank you for the excellent workshop here in Vegas the other day and your peer evaluation information. I found the information and process highly valuable. I also want to thank you for The Competent Leader book.”

    - Senior Vice President of Risk Oversight, Nevada State Bank

  • “We’d like to thank you for the wonderful two day program. As you know, New Yorkers are not easy to impress and we were unsure how this program would be received (never having done anything like this before.) This was such an overwhelming success, we’re looking forward to having you come back.”

    - Office Administrator, Gibson, Dunn & Crutcher LLP

  • “Over the course of two days, you inspired, motivated, and enlightened over 150 managers of this company. Your presentation elicited unparalleled feedback and enthusiasm.”

    - Director of HR, Cubic Corporation

  • “Peter Stark speaks from a place of candid reality. Based on real world experience, Peter understands the obstacles leaders push up against, and offers real help in reaching the other side. His message is practical, and implementable. Perhaps most importantly, it helps emboldens leaders to lean into the challenge, and take the next step on the journey.”

    - National Sales Trainer, Watkins Manufacturing

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