Negotiation Tactic #102 – Giving Up a Future Round Draft Choice

Summary: Conceding a deal point in the future to get what you want in the current negotiation.

Recently, we had a family discussion about where to go out for dinner. I wanted to go to a local restaurant that specialized in barbecued ribs. My wife and daughter wanted to go to a salad bar, and my son wanted to go to a hamburger joint. It looked like the girls were going to win and we were off to the salad bar when my son said, “Wait a second. If we can go out for hamburgers, then I will let you pick where we go out to eat for the next two times.” He was willing to give up a future round draft choice for winning a deal point at the present moment.

My daughter did not miss a beat. She used the counter of Never Saying Yes to the First Offer and said, “I hate hamburgers. For me to agree to go there, then you need to go where we want to go for the next three times.”

A second counter could be to Sweeten the Deal. My wife could have said to my son, “If you will go to the salad bar, you can choose the movie we watch tonight.”

Have you used or encountered this tactic in your negotiations? If so, how’d it go?

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